Meet Straindaddy; Available Now!

YORK, Penn. — May 9th, 2023 —STRAINDADDY is the new name in the cannabis game with the release of The Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy; the first all-in-one storage tool for oil cartridges, batteries, and more designed with labels for simple organization. Independently developed with affordability in mind, the Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy retails at $12.99 and is available online in the USA and Canada via

Cannabis consumption has increased in popularity over the years since the state-level legalization of medical marijuana and the growing accessibility of legal hemp-derived variations such as CBD and Delta8. As the legal cannabis industry grows, so do the options for cannabis concentrates. The Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy aims to simplify organization as the only cartridge holder equipped with labels for consumers to keep their minds creative through the day and their bodies in the couch at night.

Common performance issues resulting from improper cartridge storage include:

  • Clogging and leaking
  • Cracking and shattering
  • Accelerated aging/loss of potency with exposure to heat and sunlight

The Straindaddy 510 Cartridge Caddy directly combats those issues by:

  • Holding cartridges upright, preventing clogs and leaks while keeping oil in contact with the heating element
  • Holding cartridges firmly in place, preventing falls and cracks
  • Keeping cartridges in a cool, dark place; protecting from UV exposure while maintaining maximum THC potency

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 30 cartridges & accessories
  • Designed with sativa, hybrid, and indica labels to easily organize and identify strains
  • Durable and lightweight with a sleek, matte black finish
  • Detachable insert for easy cleaning

Interested in finding out more? Interested in a product sample? Let us know!

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